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Aussie Air Suspension

Aussie Air Suspension is a well established, family owned and operated business that has been in the suspension industry for 30 years, developing and manufacturing suspension to suit a variety of vehicles from trucks, cars and four-wheel drives to trailers.

The premise, which is located in Bellevue, has a wide range of custom made Helper Kits to suit most four-wheel drives.

From only $575.00 including free postage anywhere in Australia you can purchase an Aussie Air Suspension Helper Kit. The kit comes with bolt on brackets, airbags, airlines, Schrader valve and easy do it yourself fitting instructions.

Your suspension system can be upgraded with a compressor, air tank and in-cab control, making it fully adjustable to suit a variety of suspension needs.

Other benefits of having Aussie Air Suspension fitted to your vehicle include stability for your load, improved tyre wear, a smoother ride and allowing your vehicle to remain at a standard height, with or without a load.

Aussie Air Suspension bags are made from the finest materials and feature the highest burst pressure in the industry to ensure your vehicle offers a better ride and superior handling, with the utmost safety.

Aussie Air Suspension is the only airbag manufacturer that is certified by the Australian Made Campaign. Aussie has it's own fabrication shop to design and develop special brackets to suit your vehicle.

Contact us via email - or contact a dealer by clicking on Where to Buy and selecting a state. 

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